Mapping non-state actors in Zanzibar


Flag of Zanzibar

Flag of Zanzibar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of political violence and creation of a Government of National Union in Zanzibar has allowed civil society organizations to play a rapidly increasing role in many areas of life. But many NGOs are so focused on short-term donor funds that they have lost, or risk losing any meaningful local constituency. A few heavily western-funded groups are engaged on a human rights and governance agenda that closely follows liberal donor interests. So far, there is little sign of civil society forces using the new political climate to push for grass roots concerns. Tanzania‘s constitutional convention process may stimulate separatist currents in Zanzibar. So far there is little sign of the oil and gas lobbies pumping money into the NGO sector, but it is only a matter of time…

I coordinated and edited this first mapping study for the European Union, which was published in March 2012. The other researchers were Mohammed Hafidh Khalfan, Rashid Said Kibao, and Mohammed Makame Mohammed

Mapping study of non state actors in Zanzibar 2012 Novak FWC 2011 2625051



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