3. Food Security Ensured and Incidence of Malnutrition Reduced

 Laos 33- Food Security Ensured and Incidence of Malnutrition Reduced

We welcome the acknowledgement that nutrition is facing implementation challenges as it requires effective collaboration and shared responsibilities among the concerned agencies including sector of health, education, agriculture, environment, industry and commerce, etc. Moreover we support the Government efforts, through the National Committee for Nutrition, to promote a ”convergence approach” in Lao PDR which seeks ”the co-location of nutrition- specific and nutrition-sensitive priority interventions in the same geographic areas (targeted by food insecurity and malnutrition prevalence) with multi-sectorial planning and review but sectorial implementation” in line with the National Nutrition Strategy.

We are therefore very concerned that the draft 8th NSEDP does not make any references neither to this very important multi-sectorial ”convergence approach” nor to the implementation of the ”National Nutrition Strategy”.

In view of the above we propose to clearly highlight in the 8th NSEDP the multi-sectorial dimension of the nutrition challenges faced by Lao PDR and to translate this into a Multi- sectorial Food and Nutrition Security Action Plan with a common results framework (with indicators) to be used by all stakeholders.


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