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Tanzania Key elements of the context Narrow Environment. The multiplicity of laws is a source of confusion and the freedom of association is under pressure due to the omnibus limitation clause, which limits in practice the exercise of guaranteed rights and freedoms and the issuance of legal permits for public demonstration and assembly. The authorities […]

Lao CSOs and the donors’ “access to justice” agenda

CSOs could consider engaging with the emerging ‘Access to Justice’ framework of cooperation between Government of Laos and the Development Partners. Partly reflecting the Rights Based Approach mentioned above, Development Partners increasingly prefer an Access to Justice approach rather than a narrow focus on capacity development for Government of Laos institutions in the justice sector. […]

Lao CSOs can create a new space of debate via ASEAN networking

ASEAN CSO networks are increasingly active around their concerns with what they see as a restrictive legislative, regulatory and political framework for CSO action in Lao PDR. The cancelling of the ACSC/APF in Laos in 2016 reflects widespread regional CSO concerns about participation in pan-ASEAN events in Vientiane during Laos’ 2016 ASEAN presidency. In this […]

Strengthening donor support for HR work

Funding issues There is no absolute shortage of development partner funds for Lao CSO human rights work. In fact, the supply of grant funds is greater than the number of high quality proposals submitted by Lao CSOs. One consequence of this is that a significant proportion of human rights work in Laos is carried out […]

How can Lao CSOs improve their social media presence?

The Lao-language internet has expanded exponentially in recent years, with a majority of adult citizens now able to access the internet using smartphones and, to a lesser extent, desktop computers. The CSO milieu has not kept pace with these developments. Some CSOs have websites, but very few update these regularly. Almost no CSOs contribute materials […]

Opportunities for greater CSO engagement on human rights

In addition to specific issues raised throughout this report, the authors propose five clusters of opportunities for greater open engagement of Lao CSOs: developing a social media presence, helping Development Partners improve their support for human rights in Lao PDR, increased attention to ASEAN level forums and benchmarking, and engagement with Government of Laos and […]

Are Laos CSOs interested in human rights?

Explicit promotion of human rights is not the central focus of CSO work in Laos. Nevertheless, most Lao CSOs do address issues of rights, vulnerability and discrimination. Most do this with an approach that could be characterised as service delivery to particularly poor or vulnerable categories of citizen. Very few Lao CSOs explicitly adopt a […]