2.2.3. EU support to civil society engagement for child rights CSO action in Laos is tightly circumscribed by the Party-State, and Lao CSOs are a relatively new, relatively small and relatively inexperienced sector. However, within these constraints, the community of CSOs engaged on child rights themes is relatively well established. DP support flows mostly through […]

2.2.2. The Lao Party-state and development cooperation The GoL child protection system is almost completely dysfunctional. Some 11,600 Child Protection Networks nominally exist, but CSOs estimate that only 156 are fully functional, despite years of “capacity building” support. There are multiple committees at village level, with largely overlapping membership. The Child Protection Network has a […]

2.2. Findings on key questions 2.2.1. Trafficking and sexual exploitation In general, GoL discourages or forbids publication of findings that demonstrate the extent of social problems within society, unless these can be attributed to poverty or to negative external influences. For example, following several reports that identified evidence of commercial and exploitation of children by […]

2.1. General findings Early marriage of girls (at 13-16) is common in some rural communities, particularly among some ethnic minorities. This partly reflects the subsistence rural economy, low levels of education, and low access to SRHR. The GoL may tolerate development cooperation projects that address these issues. However, there is also a more culturally and […]

Preliminary conclusions from the country field visit programme and related research are set out below: 3.1. General conclusions In a context of systematic and multiple diversion of donor funds to other purposes and for personal benefit, transparency and accountability is both highly important and highly sensitive. This is a general challenge with development cooperation in […]

7- Other issues Resettlement Section 5.11 Achievements (p.73): the issue of resettlement is a complicated one; studies have shown that the impact on the level of poverty of the population is not necessarily positive. We would welcome receiving information on the Government’s plans 2016-2020 on how many people will be affected by the Government’s resettlement […]

6- Environmental protection and sustainable natural resources management Environment/Forestry On the one hand the document expresses confidence on reaching the national forest cover target of 65%  (in 2015 – 7th NSEDP), while on the other hand it recognises the challenges in reducing biodiversity loss (with a proportion of species threatened with extinction having increased from […]