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Czechs and Slovaks not doing enough on Roma and gay rights

“Refuges welcome!” – but they might prefer Austria or Germany. https://euobserver.com/lgbti/130671 52 Advertisements

More EU states oppose ‘permanent’ refugee quotas

Clear split between EU countries that want a common asylum system (Germany, Austria, Holland are the most vocal) and those who don’t. Spain is hesitating, and Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are against. The more asylum seekers a country has, the more likely it supports moves towards a common system. The counties that want […]

Refugee crisis fuels record result for Austrian far-right in Vienna elections

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ) failed to win control of Vienna in regional elections on Sunday. The refugee crisis and migration were the central issues in the election debate. The results confirm that the refugee solidarity movement is not confined to the younger generation. The FPÖ had called for closing the border to all new […]

Alarm in Austria over Seehofer’s Bavaria border plan

Austria is absorbing its share of the asylum seekers – about 10% of the total number arriving via the Western Balkans. The government has imposed an internal quota system forcing regions and municipalities to participate. The far right hopes to do well in the Vienna regional election on Sunday.   http://www.dw.com/en/alarm-in-austria-over-seehofers-bavaria-border-plan/a-18773476