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7. Other issues

7- Other issues Resettlement Section 5.11 Achievements (p.73): the issue of resettlement is a complicated one; studies have shown that the impact on the level of poverty of the population is not necessarily positive. We would welcome receiving information on the Government’s plans 2016-2020 on how many people will be affected by the Government’s resettlement […]

6. Environmental protection and sustainable natural resources management

6- Environmental protection and sustainable natural resources management Environment/Forestry On the one hand the document expresses confidence on reaching the national forest cover target of 65%  (in 2015 – 7th NSEDP), while on the other hand it recognises the challenges in reducing biodiversity loss (with a proportion of species threatened with extinction having increased from […]

5. Governance, justice and transparency

5- Governance, justice and transparency  Justice Section 5.2.5 (p.38): For the justice sector, the emphasis is put on the case free villages (over 5,000 villages) and the indicator of almost 90% of dispute settled at village level. We believe this is not necessarily a good objective and this should be treated with caution for the […]

4. Universal Access to Quality Education

4- Universal Access to Quality Education Paragraph 131: The Government has placed significant importance on human resources development and has allocated increased budget to education and sports which covers 17% of the total government expenditures to improve and develop education infrastructure and improve teaching-learning from Five Year National Socio-Economic Development Plan III (2016-2020) nursery, kindergarten, […]

3. Food Security Ensured and Incidence of Malnutrition Reduced

 3- Food Security Ensured and Incidence of Malnutrition Reduced We welcome the acknowledgement that nutrition is facing implementation challenges as it requires effective collaboration and shared responsibilities among the concerned agencies including sector of health, education, agriculture, environment, industry and commerce, etc. Moreover we support the Government efforts, through the National Committee for Nutrition, to […]

2. Development Planning and Budgeting Aligned

2- Development Planning and Budgeting Aligned Outcome 1/Output 3 “integrate development planning and budgeting” is very welcome. However, the fact that the Government itself only plans to contribute 9-11% raises questions on the planning process and its soundness.  The foreseen division of labour “Government of Lao PDR contributing to infrastructure; ODA foreseen for social sectors” […]

1. Ensuring Sustained and Inclusive Economic Growth

EUROPEAN UNION DELEGATION TO LAOS Technical Comments from the European Union on Specific Sectors of draft 8th NSEDP 1. Ensuring Sustained and Inclusive Economic Growth The 8th NSEDP has foreseen the development of a mega project on Railway Boten – Vientiane which will have significant impacts on the budget, macro-economy stability as well as on social and […]