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More EU states oppose ‘permanent’ refugee quotas

Clear split between EU countries that want a common asylum system (Germany, Austria, Holland are the most vocal) and those who don’t. Spain is hesitating, and Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are against. The more asylum seekers a country has, the more likely it supports moves towards a common system. The counties that want […]

Hungary links Roma to jihadists in Syria

Rule number 1 in Central Europe: never miss an opportunity to bash the Roma. The Hungarian government, the most sophisticated among Eastern Europe’s new authoritarians, has now decided that Roma are a national security risk. The “logic” is weak but that isn’t important. Now the Roma and refugees can be treated as one sub-human category…. […]

No ‘safe’ asylum for female refugees in Europe

Overcrowding in EU asylum facilities increases risks for women and girls. EU countries should rapidly separate sleeping and toilet spaces for non-family groups. Detention of women in collective cells with men should stop immediately (Hungary in particular).   http://www.dw.com/en/no-safe-asylum-for-female-refugees-in-europe/a-18775017?maca=en-RSS_en_Flipboard-9487-xml-media