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Total silence from the Human Rights Commission and NGOs as hundreds of pro-democracy academics and activists arrested

Originally posted on Uglytruth-Thailand:
Total silence from the Human Rights Commission and NGOs as hundreds of pro-democracy academics and activists arrested Giles Ji Ungpakorn As hundreds of pro-democracy academics and activists are arrested by the Thai military junta, it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that this is a coup to destroy the…

Indian government plans stricter control of NGOs

India is considering tighter enforcement of existing regulations on foreign funded NGOs and maybe a new law. Uganda passed such a law on 30th March. Israel is among the other countries considering similar moves. Here is a recent update on the Indian situation… Mysterious NGOs Under MHA Radar – The New Indian Express. By Yatish […]

Thai state funding for NGOs before and after the coup

This post looks at how the Thai state funded NGOs before the coup, and how the new regime might use these mechanisms for their own purpose. The Thai state provides a limited amount of finance to NGOs. The amount and the range of funding windows has increased rapidly in the last few years. Not enough […]

Foreign donors and the collapse of Thai democracy

This short post looks at foreign aid to Thai NGOs just before the coup, and speculates about how those programmes might continue or close down now. There is relatively little foreign funding in the Thai NGO sector, because of Thailand’s reclassification as a middle-income country (in 2011). The major players are the UNDP, other UN […]

Why most Thai NGOs support the coup

In this post, Walden Bello explains why Thailand’s middle class always sides with the ruling elite, instead of supporting a social compact that would give them, and the poor majority, a bigger stake in a better society…

Mapping non-state actors in Zanzibar

  The end of political violence and creation of a Government of National Union in Zanzibar has allowed civil society organizations to play a rapidly increasing role in many areas of life. But many NGOs are so focused on short-term donor funds that they have lost, or risk losing any meaningful local constituency. A few […]

Mega dam projects – is China better than Western donors and investors?

    China’s rapid development and depleted domestic natural resources has spurred a massive overseas expansion: China is for example the biggest global investor in hydro power projects. Many dams in continental South East Asia are intended to generate electricity for sale to China’s relatively undeveloped South-West. But China is the major global investor in hydro power projects worldwide, […]