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Opinion: Fighting sham battles over the transit zone

“Transit zones” for refugees? Nein danke! Huge prison camps beside the motorway, while EU citizens speed past pretending not to see the suffering…   http://www.dw.com/en/opinion-fighting-sham-battles-over-the-transit-zone/a-18779740 118 Advertisements

Big majority of EU citizens support redistribution of asylum seekers, a common asylum procedure, and a simplification of legal migration procedures, according to a new EuroBarometer poll. http://www.europarl.europa.eu/pdf/eurobarometre/2015/2015parlemeter/eb84_1_synthese_analytique_partie_1_migration_en.pdf 16

ИЗВЪНРЕДНО! Стрелба на турско-българската граница

Bulgarian border guards have started using live ammunition to prevent refugees entering the EU. This is the EU so it was “a warning shot that ricocheted.” The first confirmed death – an Afghan refugee – came just as European Council leaders were congratulating themselves on their latest plans to increase deportation and to “externalise” border […]

Turkey’s Erdogan calls the shots at EU summit

The Turkish government is holding the strongest cards in the ugly refugee negotiation with the EU. Germany would like to agree to most Turkish demands. Other EU leaders still think that a billion Euros and a promise of some visa liberalisation sometime will satisfy the Turkish side. Meanwhile the EU leaders still struggle to agree […]

Czechs and Slovaks not doing enough on Roma and gay rights

“Refuges welcome!” – but they might prefer Austria or Germany. https://euobserver.com/lgbti/130671 52

Norway to send back Syrian refugees who came from Russia

No human rights problems in Russia apparently. Norway will deport Syrians who arrive via the Russian Federation. Meanwhile as a NATO member Norway will defend ‘western’ values to the end http://www.dw.com/en/norway-to-send-back-syrian-refugees-who-came-from-russia/a-18785362 57

More EU states oppose ‘permanent’ refugee quotas

Clear split between EU countries that want a common asylum system (Germany, Austria, Holland are the most vocal) and those who don’t. Spain is hesitating, and Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are against. The more asylum seekers a country has, the more likely it supports moves towards a common system. The counties that want […]