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Latvia to Build 90-Kilometer Fence on Border With Russia

Another EU anti-refugee fence will be built. Latvia intends to close its border with the Russian Federation. Very few refugees have come that way so far, but the rate of arrivals is increasing. http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/539714.html 106 Advertisements

Showing the way: Russia starts building secure refugee camps in Syria

Refugee camps inside Syria, guarded by Russian troops. The European far right loves the idea. Some of the EU governments are probably tempted. But they would be worried about the high risk of a PR disaster like the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia-Hercegovina. If Turkey would set up guarded camps in the north of Syria, half […]

Refugees victims of conspiracy theories in Central Europe

Czech Minister of Interior claimed Saturday that Russia is financing buses to transfer Syrian asylum seekers across the Balkans towards the EU core. Unfortunately it isn’t true, the refugees are still walking, still being ripped off by criminals. The ruling Social Democrats’ conspiracy theory is that Russia is creating (dangerous, Islamist) refugee flows and direction […]