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More EU states oppose ‘permanent’ refugee quotas

Clear split between EU countries that want a common asylum system (Germany, Austria, Holland are the most vocal) and those who don’t. Spain is hesitating, and Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are against. The more asylum seekers a country has, the more likely it supports moves towards a common system. The counties that want […]

Španielsko zatklo desiatky ľudí obvinených z účasti v pašeráckej sieti

Spanish police bust people-trafficking ring! But when you read the details, this isn’t anything to do with illegal migration into Spain. All 87 arrested are suspected of smuggling non EU citizens already in Spain to the UK and Ireland (outside Schengen), the USA and Canada.   http://www.sme.sk/c/8032004/spanielsko-zatklo-desiatky-ludi-obvinenych-z-ucasti-v-paserackej-sieti.html?utm_source=link&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss