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Czechs and Slovaks not doing enough on Roma and gay rights

“Refuges welcome!” – but they might prefer Austria or Germany. https://euobserver.com/lgbti/130671 52 Advertisements

Norway to send back Syrian refugees who came from Russia

No human rights problems in Russia apparently. Norway will deport Syrians who arrive via the Russian Federation. Meanwhile as a NATO member Norway will defend ‘western’ values to the end http://www.dw.com/en/norway-to-send-back-syrian-refugees-who-came-from-russia/a-18785362 57

UN plan to relocate Syrian refugees in northern Europe

The EU internal reallocation of 160,000 refugees is hardly moving. Less than 1,000 refugees have moved within the month-old scheme. No surprise: why would refugees agree to go to unknown parts of Europe? One way to speed up the reallocation is to widen the criteria for family reunion. Current rules only entitle refugees to move […]

Showing the way: Russia starts building secure refugee camps in Syria

Refugee camps inside Syria, guarded by Russian troops. The European far right loves the idea. Some of the EU governments are probably tempted. But they would be worried about the high risk of a PR disaster like the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia-Hercegovina. If Turkey would set up guarded camps in the north of Syria, half […]

Refugees victims of conspiracy theories in Central Europe

Czech Minister of Interior claimed Saturday that Russia is financing buses to transfer Syrian asylum seekers across the Balkans towards the EU core. Unfortunately it isn’t true, the refugees are still walking, still being ripped off by criminals. The ruling Social Democrats’ conspiracy theory is that Russia is creating (dangerous, Islamist) refugee flows and direction […]

‘Targeted for extermination’: Harper says prioritizing Christian and religious minority refugees isn’t discriminatory

Canada uses Church sponsorship programme to ensure Christians are prioritised in Syrian refugee intake. This encourages the exodus of religious minorities. Most refugees are fleeing the war and the Asad regime, not ISIS or other Islamists.   http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/targeted-for-extermination-harper-says-prioritizing-christian-and-religious-minority-refugees-isnt-discriminatory

Most of the countries most opposed to accepting new Syrian refugees are also at the bottom of the list of donors to the various relevant UN appeals. The U.K. Is an exception this time.