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ИЗВЪНРЕДНО! Стрелба на турско-българската граница

Bulgarian border guards have started using live ammunition to prevent refugees entering the EU. This is the EU so it was “a warning shot that ricocheted.” The first confirmed death – an Afghan refugee – came just as European Council leaders were congratulating themselves on their latest plans to increase deportation and to “externalise” border […]

Turkey’s Erdogan calls the shots at EU summit

The Turkish government is holding the strongest cards in the ugly refugee negotiation with the EU. Germany would like to agree to most Turkish demands. Other EU leaders still think that a billion Euros and a promise of some visa liberalisation sometime will satisfy the Turkish side. Meanwhile the EU leaders still struggle to agree […]

The European Commission is drafting a scheme for direct resettlement of 200,000 refugees from Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan to the EU. This would require agreement on quotas for each EU country (except UK, Denmark and Ireland). But this seems less controversial than the issue of quotas for those refugees who are already inside the EU. […]

Merkel shifts EU-Turkey stance upon migrant crisis

Turkey is prioritising its own EU integration issues as the ‘price’ of reducing refugee access to the EU. Ankara hasn’t formally made its cooperation in closing the EU borders conditional on the EU refusing asylum to Turkish (Kurdish) applicants. http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/Default.aspx?pageID=238&nid=90028&NewsCatID=510 115